Grand re-opening of Emergency Department: The latest in capital investments at East Orange General Hospital

(East Orange, New Jersey — August 31, 2017) — A $1.2 million renovation project in the Emergency Department at East Orange General Hospital (EOGH) is the latest in a series of capital investments completed since a partnership agreement with Prospect Medical Systems was finalized in March 2016. The Emergency Department renovations, completed in July 2017, include a variety of aesthetic and practical upgrades including new lighting, flooring, ceilings, air conditioning, and more.

“For many patients, the first point of contact with our hospital is the Emergency Department,” said Paige Dworak, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, EOGH. “Those who come to our Emergency Department will now receive a greatly improved experience thanks to these renovations.

EOGH has seen significant capital investment in facilities, technology, and equipment since joining the Prospect family of hospitals. Prospect has committed to provide more than $30 million in operational and capital investments at EOGH over five years. One of Prospect’s commitments was to strengthen existing programs that the East Orange and Essex County communities have come to rely on while introducing new services to meet other healthcare needs. Among the investments and growth over the past 18 months:

  • State of the art 3-D mammography technology for the Radiology Department and the Women’s Health Center. This new equipment gives radiologists the clearest and most detailed mammography images available today. This allows for earlier detection of a breast mass and, consequently, the ability to diagnose breast cancer when it is at its most treatable stage.
  • Renovations for inpatient surgical and psychiatric assessment units.
  • New diagnostic and treatment equipment, and several infrastructure enhancements.
  • A Center for Obesity and Related Diseases, headed by bariatric surgeon Dr. Saniea Majid. Here, members of the community can receive the benefits of life-changing weight loss surgery in a program led by a respected and experienced team of experts.

“These renovations, new programs, and advanced technology are part of the multi-million dollar capital investment that Prospect is making in our hospital to position us for success,” said Dworak. “We have also entered into several partnerships with leading health care providers to improve our expertise and the scope of care we deliver to the community.”

Among those new partnerships:

  • On May 31, EOGH finalized an agreement with North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) to provide perioperative management and anesthesia services to EOGH.  Founded in 1986 by the anesthesia group from Long Island’s North Shore University Hospital, NAPA is one of the leading single-specialty anesthesia and perioperative management companies in the United States. This partnership allows EOGH to utilize customized strategies and solutions from NAPA to enhance the delivery of patient care.
  • EOGH has a new Emergency Medicine provider – CEP America – which is providing physician staffing and leadership in our Emergency Department. CEP America has been pioneering practices in emergency department management for more than 40 years.

“These new partnerships are providing improved care, responsiveness, and outcomes for the patients we serve,” said Dworak. “Our recent patient surveys have shown significant improvement in customer satisfaction, which we believe is a reflection of the hard work of our staff plus the investments made over the last year and a half.”


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