These units are staffed by specially trained nurses who provide and coordinate acute and intermediate care for medical and surgical patients. Patient in these units receive chemotherapy, blood transfusions, antibiotic therapy, and nutritional support, as well as pain and/or symptom management, post-operative care and palliative care.

The units maintains a high standard of nursing care by keeping the staff up-to-date on new therapies, monitoring outcomes and providing resources to the physicians, patients, and the families we serve.

Great emphasis is placed on excellence in care giving, teamwork, and education, and all the nursing staff are encouraged to become certified by the oncology nursing society.

Medical-Surgical and Oncology services include:

  • A 38-Bed Medical/Surgical Unit emphasizing wound care and assistance to patients with Diabetes.
  • A 36-Bed Medical/Surgical Unit focusing on the care of the post-operative patient.
  • A 29-Bed Medical/Surgical/Oncology Unit dedicated to the care of patients who are receiving Chemotherapy.

Hours of Operations:

The Medical-Surgical and Oncology department operates 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Contact Information:

Medical-Surgical and Oncology – (973) 266-8414