The Crisis Intervention /Psychiatric Screening Center provides emergency psychiatric services to people who are no longer able to cope effectively because of acute stress, exacerbation of an existing mental illness or disruption in daily living due to other circumstances. The Crisis Intervention Unit helps individuals to identify their problem, to explore conditions related to their problem and discover means for bringing about change and improved functioning.

Services include:

  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Psychiatric Consultation
  • Crisis Intervention for adults and children (under the age of 18)
  • E-CAPS Emergency Children and Adolescents Psychiatric Services
  • Services for Victims of Crime or Psychological Trauma
  • Referral to Mental Health Care Unit
  • Mobile Crisis Visits for adults and children
  • Initial crisis counseling for problems such as personal, family, interpersonal relationships, sexual dysfunction, child/elder abuse, eating disorders, domestic conflict parent/child problems, etc.

Mobile Crisis Intervention Services are also available when persons in need of Crisis Intervention Services are unable or unwilling to come into the Crisis Unit.

The Psychiatric Screening Services for involuntary commitment are available to the Affiliating Hospitals and East Orange General Hospital’s Mental Health Care Unit.

Hours of Operations:

Crisis Intervention/Psychiatric Screening Services is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for residents of Essex County, with exception of Newark and Irvington. Residents from other areas will receive needed assistance and an appropriate referral to service providers in their area.

Contact Information:

Crisis Intervention Unit Hotline – (973) 672-9685 or (973) 672-9686.
The community can also access assistance by dialing: (973) 266-4478, (973) 266-4479 or (973) 266-4480.